Models Available:

1) SM-V4.0A* - Auto Roll Paper Plain Punching Machine for Paper cup blanks

2) SM-V4.0AF* -Fully automatic Roll Paper Plain Punching machine for Paper cup Blanks 

3) SM-V4.0P* -Auto Roll Paper Printing inline Punching machine for Paper cup Blanks 

4) SM-V4.0PF* -Auto Roll Paper Printing inline Punching machine for Paper cup Blanks 

5) SM-V4.0S* - Special Application of Auto Roll Plain Punching Machine for any materials of Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Nylon, Labels, Grey boards, 

*4.0 = 4blanks Cutting / stroke, if it is 5.0 then 5blanks Cutting / stroke

A & P = Manual Tension controller  by Potentiometer for  Powder brakes

F= Ultrasonic sensor auto tension controller for Magnetic Powder brakes

PF= Auto Print ink cylinder open / Close and Ultrasonic sensor Auto Mode

Technical Specification

Cutting Technology : Auto Servo Paper feed & Solid Steel Die Punching

Average Cutting Speed: 280strokes/Minute

Maximum Cutting Speed: 350strokes/Minute

Paper thickness: 170gsm to 400gsm

Paper roll diameter: 1000mm

Paper Roll width: Maximum 820mm for V4.0 Models

1 Year warranty for Parts for any Manufacturing defects

Automatic paper fault sensor detection

Hydraulic Paper roll up / down by electric buttons

Air shaft Paper roll Hangup

Magnetic power brakes for Tension control

Machine designed to avoid Web-guide control

Print Models are using German made Print mark Sensors

All bearings in the Machines are branded one.

Connected Power: 8KW / 3Phase / 420Volt / 50Hz

Power Consumption: 7Kw

Machine Weight: 2000Kg A and P models 2500Kg AF and PF Models

Machine Dimensions: 8feet L * 5feet W * 5feet H for A & AF Models

                                  13feet L * 5feet W * 5feet H for P & PF Models